Hello, I'm Cristina

I am Cristina Repanovici, the founder of Time A La Carte. 

I am a Chemical Engineer by trade and I worked way too many years in the corporate world, until I found my real direction.

I became a Professional Organizer by choice, because  I knew I could help people and I wanted  to make a difference in their lives.

I have chronic creativity and I make things.

I speak from my heart and I put my heart in all that I do.

I love simple stuff like tulips and macaroons.

I am shy in front of the camera, but not in real life.

I love all the Furry ones. We have our own 24 Legs.

I can't get enough of Southern France.

I believe in intentional living and a life filled with purpose

Ursula H.

 "Cristina is swift and efficient.  An accident had left me incapable of keeping my house organized and things got out of hand.  In a relatively short period of time  she organized  my overly cluttered and messy house so that peace and tranquility surrounded me once more.  The best part was that I was able to leave her on her own to sort things out."